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O·D Wellness 鸥迪足道

O·D Wellness, named after its founder Ms. Oudi, has been established since 2012. Building on the belief and respect to the oriental culture of health and wellness, through deeper studies and research has led O·D Wellness to develop its own distinct culture of “Science, Joy, Health & Benevolence”. This unique culture is the catalyst for O·D Wellness to further establish its brand.

In 2007, through franchising, O·D Wellness began its path to expansion. O·D Wellness, through the engagement of professional consultancy services have established an immaculate blueprint that enabled chainstores to be opened rapidly. To date, O·D Wellness operates more than 30 stores directly and more than 100 stores through franchisees. O·D Wellness have also successfully expanded into several oversea markets including the USA, Singapore and Japan with Australia also in the pipeline.

O·D Wellness expresses its gratitude through a multitude of projects and activities that contribute back to society. Examples include funding for the Hope Project as well as other charity events and a variety of volunteer work.

In order to ensure only services of the highest standard are made available to the public for consumption, O·D Wellness had set up and currently runs its own vocational and technology school with the aim of providing knowledge and transfer professional skills to its personnel and business partners.

鸥迪足道成立于2002 年, 以企业创始人鸥迪女士名字命名现已成为广大养生爱好者耳熟能详优秀健康养生品牌 。源自对东方养生文化的深入理解和尊崇 , 鸥迪足道全力将最具东方养生文化的绿色足道健康品牌与志士同仁共享 。

2007 年 , 鸥迪足道与知名策划机构合作 , 全面导入现代特许经营模式 , 建立了完善的连锁加盟体系。目前已在全国 17 个省市 、 自治区 、 直辖市拥有 30 多家自营店 , 近百家加盟店 。 在美国 、 新加坡、日本也设有直营店 , 在智力 、 澳大利亚也即将出现鸥迪足道的身影 。

十多年来 , 鸥迪足道秉承 ” 科学 、 健康 、 快乐 、 仁爱 ” 的人文内涵 , 形成了独具鸥迪足道特色企业文化 。 鸥迪足道潜心发展 , 不断进行技法与产品的更新 , 为打造东方足道养生文化首选品牌不懈奋斗 !

朴素典雅的装修风格 , 鸥迪式的服务 , 水性化的管理 , ” 赛马不相马 ” 的企业人才观 : 将爱心与善心作为回馈社会的第一步 ; 开办职业技术学校培育足道专向人才 , 秉持感恩的心 , 用实际行动回报大众。

带着对行业发展的坚定信念 , 鸥迪足道全体员工以真挚的情感 , 合理化的经营 , 产业化的发展 ,专业化的技能队伍 , 竭诚为社会各界的朋友服务 。 同时为每一位加盟鸥迪足道的伙伴做出最优质最全面的支持和帮助 , 共同造辉煌 , 共同实现美好的梦想 !

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