Welcome to OD Wellness

O·D Wellness, named after its founder Ms. Oudi, has been established since 2012. Building on the belief and respect to the oriental culture of health and wellness, through deeper studies and research has led O·D Wellness to develop its own distinct culture of “Science, Joy, Health & Benevolence”. This unique culture is the catalyst for O·D Wellness to further establish its brand.

In 2007, through franchising, O·D Wellness began its path to expansion. O·D Wellness, through the engagement of professional consultancy services have established an immaculate blueprint that enabled chainstores to be opened rapidly. To date, O·D Wellness operates more than 30 stores directly and more than 100 stores through franchisees. O·D Wellness have also successfully expanded into several oversea markets including the USA, Singapore and Japan with Australia also in the pipeline.

O·D Wellness expresses its gratitude through a multitude of projects and activities that contribute back to society. Examples include funding for the Hope Project as well as other charity events and a variety of volunteer work.

In order to ensure only services of the highest standard are made available to the public for consumption, O·D Wellness had set up and currently runs its own vocational and technology school with the aim of providing knowledge and transfer professional skills to its personnel and business partners.